Contact Us for Reagent, Employment, Training, and Administrative Requests

Contact Leslie Vosshall:
I respond to urgent emails within about a day and non-urgent emails once a week. If your request is time-sensitive, please contact my assistant, Ms. Barbara Ghelardi.

Contact the Vosshall Lab Administrator, Ms. Barbara Ghelardi

For reagent requests and all laboratory matters, please contact the Vosshall Lab Manager, Ms. Isabel Gutierrez
Several of our plasmids have been deposited at AddGene, with more plasmids being deposited soon.
All of our published Drosophila melanogaster fly strains can be ordered from Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center
The published Aedes aegypti orco mutant mosquito strains can be ordered from CDC MR4 via BEI Resources. The published Gr3 mutant strains will be available by mid-2014.

Send us a fax

Do your postdoc here
The Vosshall Lab is always interested in applications from current PhD students looking for training opportunities. If you find our work interesting and wish to be considered for a position, please email a complete CV with the names of three references and PDFs of any unpublished manuscripts to

Train here as a PhD student
The Vosshall Lab welcomes potential graduate students interested in carrying out thesis work in the lab. Please consider applying to The David Rockefeller Graduate Program. Once you are invited to interview, Leslie will be happy to speak to you about our research program and potential rotation projects. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept PhD students who apply directly to our lab.

We love summer students!
Each summer, the Vosshall Lab hosts a number of summer students at the high school and undergraduate level via Rockefeller summer programs. If you are a college student, apply to The Rockefeller University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) Program. If you are a high school student and will turn 16 by the time you enter the program, please apply to The Rockefeller University Summer Science Research Program. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept summer student volunteers who apply directly to our lab. We also do not mentor high school students interested in volunteering during the school year.

Employment Inquiries
The Vosshall Lab is currently fully staffed and we have no open positions. Please consider submitting your resume to The Rockefeller University Human Resources office for employment opportunities in other laboratories on campus.

Volunteer for The Rockefeller University Smell Study
212-327-SMELL (7635)

Volunteer for The Rockefeller University Mosquito Study

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