Secret Science Club Movie Montage, 09/03/08

This is the smell-related montage that Alexis Gambis created to precede Leslie Vosshall's presentation at the Secret Science Club held at Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York on September 3, 2008 . The montage features fabulous and fascinating clips about all aspects of smell universe.The Secret Science Club is curated by Dorian Devins, Margaret Mittelbach, and Michael Crewdson and meets monthly to present the work of a New York area scientist to the general public. Each event features a custom cocktail. For September 3, 2008 the standing room only crowd of smell-fanatics enjoyed the "Schnoz-mopolitan."!

Here is a web link to The Secret Science Club.

Montage copyright Alexis Gambis / Secret Science Club / Imagine Science Films 2008, provided to the Vosshall Lab by permission of the artist.