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The primary goal of our laboratory is to do excellent science and communicate the results and data openly and freely to all. Therefore, all Vosshall Lab work produced after 2015 is published first as an article on bioRxiv, the pre-print server for biology. We often, but not always, submit the work to a conventional peer-reviewed journal after it appears as a pre-print.

Because we do not believe that journal names convey useful information about the quality or value of published works, we provide here only a list of authors and the title of each work along with links to the paper.

Finally, as of 2016, we no longer participate in anonymous peer review, because this practice is the major contributor to the slow and arbitrary process of journal publication. Taking the lead of eLife, we sign all reviews and require that the journals share our name with the other reviewers. Where permitted by journal policy, we ask that our reviews be published along with the final accepted version of the paper we review.

Matthews BJ, CS McBride, M DeGennaro, O Despo, LB Vosshall
The neurotranscriptome of the Aedes aegypti mosquito
PMID: 26738925 (2016)

LB Vosshall
Book review: No failure, no science

Corfas RA, LB Vosshall
TRPA1 tunes mosquito thermotaxis to host temperatures
PMID: 26670734 (2015)

Corfas RA, LB Vosshall
TRPA1 tunes mosquito thermotaxis to host temperatures
bioRxiv (2015)

Matthews BJ, CS McBride, M DeGennaro, O Despo, LB Vosshall
The neurotranscriptome of the Aedes aegypti mosquito
bioRxiv (2015)

Kistler KE, LB Vosshall, BJ Matthews
Genome-engineering with CRISPR-Cas9 in the mosquito Aedes aegypti
PMID: 25818303 (2015)

LB Vosshall
Commentary: Laying a controversial smell theory to rest
PMID: 26015552 (2015)

Warren AS, C Aurrecoechea, B Brunk, P Desai, S Emrich, GI Giraldo-Calderón, O Harb, D Hix, D Lawson, D Machi, C Mao, M McClelland, E Nordberg, M Shukla, LB Vosshall, AR Wattam, R Will, HS Yoo, B Sobral
RNA-Rocket: An RNA-seq analysis resource for infectious disease research
PMID: 25573919 (2015)
bioRxiv (2014)

Kistler KE, LB Vosshall, BJ Matthews
Genome-engineering with CRISPR-Cas9 in the mosquito Aedes aegypti
bioRxiv (2014)

McBride CS, F Baier, AB Omondi, SA Spitzer, J Lutomiah, R Sang, R Ignell, LB Vosshall
Evolution of mosquito preference for humans linked to an odorant receptor
PMID: 25391959 (2014)

Bussell JJ, N Yapici, SX Zhang, BJ Dickson, LB Vosshall
Abdominal-B neurons control Drosophila virgin female receptivity
PMID: 24998527 (2014)

Bushdid C, MO Magnasco, LB Vosshall, A Keller
Humans can discriminate more than 1 trillion olfactory stimuli
PMID: 24653035 (2014)

McMeniman CJ, Corfas RA, Matthews BJ, Ritchie SA, Vosshall LB.
Multimodal integration of carbon dioxide and other sensory cues drives mosquito attraction to humans
PMID: 24581501 (2014)

Ito K, Shinomiya K, Ito M, Armstrong JD, Boyan G, Hartenstein V, Harzsch S, Heisenberg M, Homberg U, Jenett A, Keshishian H, Restifo LL, Rössler W, Simpson JH, Strausfeld NJ, Strauss R, Vosshall LB; Insect Brain Name Working Group.
A systematic nomenclature for the insect brain
Supplemental Information
PMID: 24559671 (2014)

Mainland JD, Keller A, Li YR, Zhou T, Trimmer C, Snyder LL, Moberly AH, Adipietro KA, Liu WLL, Zhuang H, Zhan S, Lee SL, Lin A, Matsunami H
The missense of smell: functional variability in the human odorant receptor repertoire
PMID: 24316890 (2013)

Crickmore MJ, Vosshall LB
Opposing dopaminergic and GABAergic neurons control the duration and persistence of copulation in Drosophila
PMID: 24209625 (2013)

Liesch J, Bellani LL, Vosshall LB
Functional and genetic characterization of neuropeptide Y-like receptors in Aedes aegypti
PMID: 24130914 (2013)

Keller A, Malaspina D
Hidden consequences of olfactory dysfunction: a patient report series
PMID: 23875929 (2013)

Gasque G, Conway S, Huang J, Rao Y, Vosshall LB
Small molecule drug screening in Drosophila identifies the 5HT2A receptor as a feeding modulation target.
PMID: 23817146 (2013)

Matthew DeGennaro, Carolyn S McBride, Laura Seeholzer, Takao Nakagawa, Emily J Dennis, Chloe Goldman, Nijole Jasinskiene, Anthony A James, Leslie B Vosshall
orco mutant mosquitoes lose strong preference for humans and are not repelled by volatile DEET
PMID: 23719379 (2013)

Jennifer J Bussell, Leslie B Vosshall
Behavioral neuroscience: Learning to suckle with signature odor.
PMID: 23137683 (2012)

Keller A, Hempstead M, Gomez IA, Gilbert AN, Vosshall LB.
An olfactory demography of a diverse metropolitan population.
PMID: 23046643 (2012)

Malaspina D, Goetz R, Keller A, Messinger JW, Bruder G, Goetz D, Opler M, Harlap S, Harkavy-Friedman J, Antonius D.
Olfactory processing, sex effects and heterogeneity in schizophrenia
PMID: 22177347 (2012)

Malaspina D, Keller A, Antonius D, Messinger JW, Goetz D, Harkavy-Friedman J, Goetz R, Harlap S.
Olfaction and cognition in schizophrenia: Sex Matters
PMID: 22772664 (2012)

Leslie B. Vosshall
Editorial: The glacial pace of scientific publishing: Why it hurts everyone and what we can do to fix it
PMID: 22935905 (2012)

Andreas Keller
Different noses for different mice and men
PMID: 22908960 (2012)

Tatsuro Nakagawa, Maurizio Pellegrino, Koji Sato, Leslie B. Vosshall, Kazushige Touhara
Amino acid residues contributing to function of the heteromeric insect olfactory receptor complex
PMID: 22403649 (2012)

Andreas Keller
Genes and smells
The Biochemical Society (2011)

Shelli F. Farhadian, Mayte Suarez-Farinas, Christine Cho, Maurizio Pellegrino, Leslie B. Vosshall
Post-fasting olfactory, transcriptional, and feeding responses in Drosophila
PMID: 21945372 (2012)

Maurizio Pellegrino, Nicole Steinbach, Marcus C. Stensmyr, Bill S. Hansson, Leslie B. Vosshall
A natural polymorphism alters odour and DEET sensitivity in an insect odorant receptor
PMID: 21937991 (2011)

Leslie B. Vosshall, Bill S. Hansson
A unified nomenclature system for the insect olfactory coreceptor
PMID: 21441366 (2011)

Jennifer J. Bussell, Leslie B. Vosshall
Chemical ecology: Reprogramming a termite monarchy
PMID: 20720547 (2010)

Andreas Keller
Art exhibition: Shared resources

Takeshi Imai, Hitoshi Sakano, Leslie B. Vosshall
Topographic mapping - The olfactory system
PMID: 20554703 (2010)

Maurizio Pellegrino, Takao Nakagawa, Leslie B. Vosshall
Single sensillum recordings in the insects Drosophila melanogaster and Anopheles gambiae
PMID: 20164822 (2010)

Andreas Keller
Odor memories: The first sniff counts
PMID: 19922856 (2009)

Andreas Keller
Anthropology: The cooking ape
Book review (2009)

Leslie B. Vosshall, Matteo Carandini
Editorial overview: Sensory systems
PMID: 19717297 (2009)

Takao Nakagawa, Leslie B. Vosshall
Controversy and consensus: noncanonical signaling mechanisms in the insect olfactory system
PMID: 19660933 (2009)

Kazushige Touhara, Leslie B. Vosshall
Sensing odorants and pheromones with chemosensory receptors
PMID: 19575682 (2009)

Kenta Asahina*, Matthieu Louis*, Silvia Piccinotti, Leslie B. Vosshall
A circuit supporting concentration-invariant odor perception in Drosophila
PMID: 19171076 (2009)
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Richard Benton, Kirsten S. Vannice, Carolina Gomez-Diaz, Leslie B. Vosshall
Variant ionotropic glutamate receptors as chemosensory receptors in Drosophila
PMID: 19135896 (2009)
Supplemental Data

Leslie B. Vosshall
Genetics of chemosensory transduction: taste and smell
in Bier, E. (ed.), The Legacy of Drosophila Genetics: From 'defining the gene' to 'analyzing genome function'
The Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection
Henry Stewart Talks Ltd., London (2008)

Andreas Keller
Physiology: Toward the dominance of vision?
Book review (2008)

Andreas Keller, Leslie B. Vosshall
Better smelling through genetics: mammalian odor perception
PMID: 18938244 (2008)

Leslie B. Vosshall
Minireview: Scent of a fly
PMID: 18786353 (2008)

Kenta Asahina, Viktoryia Pavlenkovich, Leslie B. Vosshall
The survival advantage of olfaction in a competitive environment
PMID: 18674910 (2008)
Supporting Online Material

Koji Sato, Maurizio Pellegrino, Takao Nakagawa, Tatsuro Nakagawa, Leslie B. Vosshall, Kazushige Touhara
Insect olfactory receptors are heteromeric ligand-gated ion channels
PMID: 18408712 (2008)
Supporting Online Material

Mathias Ditzen, Maurizio Pellegrino, Leslie B. Vosshall
Insect odorant receptors are molecular targets of the insect repellent DEET
PMID: 18339904 (2008)
Supporting Online Material

Matthieu Louis, Silvia Piccinotti, Leslie B. Vosshall
High-resolution measurement of odor-driven behavior in Drosophila larvae
PMID: 19066557 (2008)

Matthieu Louis, Thomas Huber, Richard Benton, Thomas P Sakmar, Leslie B. Vosshall
Bilateral olfactory sensory input enhances chemotaxis behavior
PMID: 18157126 (2008)
Supplementary Figures

Silke Sachse, Erroll Rueckert, Andreas Keller, Ryuichi Okada, Nobuaki K. Tanaka, Kei Ito, Leslie B. Vosshall
Activity-dependent plasticity in an olfactory circuit
PMID: 18054860 (2007)
Supplementary Figures

Leslie B. Vosshall
Into the mind of a fly
PMID: 17994085 (2007)

Richard Benton, Kirsten S. Vannice, Leslie B. Vosshall
An essential role for a CD36-related receptor in pheromone detection in Drosophila
PMID: 17943085 (2007)
Supplementary Materials

Andreas Keller*, Hanyi Zhuang*, Qiuyi Chi, Leslie B. Vosshall, Hiroaki Matsunami (*equal contribution)
Genetic variation in a human odorant receptor alters odour perception
PMID: 17873857 (2007)
Supplementary Materials

Leslie B. Vosshall, Reinhard F. Stocker
Molecular architecture of smell and taste in Drosophila
PMID: 17506643 (2007)

Kenta Asahina, Richard Benton
Smell and taste on a high: Symposium on chemical senses: From genes to perception
PMID: 17525750 (2007)

Jennifer E. Mehren
Mate recognition: Should fly stay or should fly go?
PMID: 17407751 (2007)

Philippe P. Laissue, Leslie B. Vosshall
The Olfactory Sensory map in Drosophila
Chapter in "Brain Development in Drosophila," edited by G. Technau.

Andreas Keller, Leslie B. Vosshall
Influence of odorant receptor repertoire on odor perception in humans and fruit flies
PMID: 17372215 (2007)
Supplemental Figures, Methods, and Tables
Supplemental Movie 1
Supplemental Movie 2
Supplemental Movie 3

Andreas Keller
Drosophila melanogaster's history as a human commensal
PMID: 17276902 (2007)

Walton D. Jones WD, Pelin Cayirlioglu, Ilona Grunwald Kadow, Leslie B. Vosshall
Two chemosensory receptors together mediate carbon dioxide detection in Drosophila
PMID: 17167414 (2007)
Supplementary Data

Richard Benton, Silke Sachse, Stephen W. Michnick, Leslie B. Vosshall
Atypical membrane topology and heteromeric function of Drosophila odorant receptors in vivo
PMID: 16402857 (2006)

Richard Benton
On the ORigin of smell: odorant receptors in insects
PMID: 16786219 (2006)

Elane Fishilevich, Ana I. Domingos, Kenta Asahina, Félix Naef, Leslie B. Vosshall, Matthieu Louis
Chemotaxis behavior mediated by single larval olfactory neurons in Drosophila
PMID: 16332533 (2005)
Supplemental Data

Elane Fishilevich, Leslie B. Vosshall
Genetic and functional subdivison of the Drosophila antennal lobe
PMID: 16139209 (2005)
Supplemental Z-stack Movies from Figure 2

Leslie B. Vosshall.
Social signals: The secret language of mice
PMID: 15823526 (2005)

Walton D. Jones, Thuy-Ai T. Nguyen, Brian Kloss, Kevin J. Lee, Leslie B. Vosshall.
Functional conservation of an insect odorant receptor gene across 250 million years of evolution
PMID: 15723778 (2005)

Leslie B. Vosshall, Marcus C. Stensmyr.
Wake up and Smell the Pheromones
PMID: 15664166 (2005)

Leslie B. Vosshall
Olfaction: attracting both sperm and the nose
PMID: 15530382 (2004)

Keene AC, M Stratmann, A Keller, PN Perrat, LB Vosshall, S Waddell
Diverse odor-conditioned memories require uniquely timed dorsal paired medial neuron output
PMID: 15504331 (2004)

Keller A, LB Vosshall
Human olfactory psychophysics
PMID: 15498475 (2004)

Mattias Larsson, Ana I. Domingos, Walton D. Jones, M. Eugenia Chiappe, Hubert Amrein, Leslie B. Vosshall.
Or83b encodes a broadly expressed odorant receptor essential for Drosophila olfaction
PMID: 15339651 (2004)

Leslie B. Vosshall.
Diversity and expression of odorant receptors in Drosophila
In Insect Pheromone Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. (eds. G.J. Blomquist and R.G. Vogt), pp. 567-591, Elsevier Academic Press, London (2003).

Andreas Keller, Leslie B Vosshall
A psychophysical test of the vibration theory of olfaction
PMID: 15034588 (2004)
Nature Neuroscience editorial about our paper

Lauren Giarratani, Leslie B. Vosshall
Toward a molecular description of pheromone perception
PMID: 12971888 (2003)

Vosshall LB
Putting smell on the map
PMID: 12689762 (2003)

Keller A, Vosshall LB
Decoding olfaction in Drosophila
PMID: 12593988 (2003)

Wang JW, Wong AM, Flores J, Vosshall LB, Axel R.
Two-photon calcium imaging reveals an odor-evoked map of activity in the fly brain.
PMID: 12553914 (2003)

Hummel T, Vasconcelos ML, Clemens JC, Fishilevich Y, Vosshall LB, Zipursky SL
Axonal targeting of olfactory receptor neurons in Drosophila is controlled by dscam
PMID: 12546818 (2003)

Vosshall LB
How the brain sees smells
PMID: 11709177 (2001)

Vosshall LB
The molecular logic of olfaction in Drosophila
PMID: 11238253 (2001)

Vosshall LB
Olfaction in Drosophila
PMID: 10981620 (2000)

Vosshall LB, Wong AM, Axel R
An olfactory sensory map in the fly brain
PMID: 10943836 (2000)

Rubin, GM, MD Yandell, JR Wortman, GLG Miklos, CR Nelson, IK Hariharan, ME Fortini, PW Li, R Apweiler, W Fleischmann, JM Cherry, S Henikoff, MP Skupski, S Misra, M Ashburner, E Birney, MS Boguski, T Brody, P Brokstein, SE Celniker, SA Chervitz, D Coates, A Cravchik, A Gabrielian, RF Galle, WM Gelbart, RA George, LSB Goldstein, NL Harris, B Hay, RA Hoskins, RO Hynes, SJM Jones, PM Kuehl, B Lemaitre, JT Littleton, DK Morrison, C Mungall, P O'Farrell, OK Pickeral, C Shue, LB Vosshall, J Zhang, R Gibbs, MD Adams, JC Venter, and S Lewis
Comparative genomics of the eukaryotes
PMID: 10731134 (2000)

Vosshall LB, Amrein H, Morozov PS, Rzhetsky A, Axel R
A spatial map of olfactory receptor expression in the Drosophila antenna
PMID: 10089887 (1999)

Vassar, R, SK Chao, R Sitcheran, J Nunez, LB Vosshall, R Axel
Topographic organization of sensory projections to the olfactory bulb
PMID: 8001145 (1994)

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