Reagent Requests

The Vosshall Lab freely shares all published reagents.


Fly stocks, DNA clones, vectors, and antibody reagents can be requested from the Vosshall Laboratory by sending an email to both Isabel Gutierrez and Leslie Vosshall.

Please note that unless you supply a FEDEX number, all reagent requests will be sent by regular mail. Please supply a complete shipping address and telephone contact number suitable for Fedex delivery (e.g. no PO boxes). The Vosshall Laboratory distributes all published reagents.

The very popular pCasperAUG-Gal4-X vector for cloning Drosophila enhancer/promoters in front of the Gal4 gene is available directly from Addgene. Addgene is also distributing a growing number of our historic Drosophila OR and GR plasmids as well as newer mosquito gene targeting vectors and mosquito cDNAs: Vosshall Lab Plasmid Collection at Addgene

Many of our published fly strains have been deposited in the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. This includes all OR-Gal4 transgenes, and Orco and Gr63a mutant reagents, as well as various tagged UAS-OR constructs. If you are having problems finding our stocks at Bloomington, please download their most current stock list and search for "Vosshall".

Several of our published Aedes aegypti mutant strains can be ordered from the CDC MR4 resource in Atlanta, GA via BEI Resources. You must register with BEI Resources prior to ordering our live vector mosquitoes.

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