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2017 Rockefeller University Neuroscience Retreat

UPDATED May 4, 2017

Blue Hill at Stone Barns
Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture
630 Bedford Road
Pocantico Hills, New York 10591
Monday, May 8, 2017

This year's neuroscience retreat will be held as a one-day event at Blue Hill at Stone Barns located at Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture in Pocantico Hills in Westchester County, New York. Sited on the former dairy farm of the Rockefeller Family, Stone Barns is devoted to sustainable agriculture. The goal of the retreat is to provide a casual atmosphere to foster scientific and social interactions for the Rockefeller Neuroscience community.

The University will provide round-trip bus transportation from campus. Four buses will arrive on campus on a staggered scheduled starting at ~ 8:00 am. The buses will be available for loading between 8:10 am and 8:30 am on the University's main driveway inside the 66th Street gate. Each bus will depart as soon as it is filled. The last bus will be held until 8:45 am to accommodate parents who need to drop their children at the Child and Family Center.

For those who wish to drive, please find driving directions here. Free parking is available on-site.

We are excited to announce that Dr. Sheena Josselyn, has accepted our invitation to give the plenary lecture at this year's retreat. Dr. Josselyn is a Senior Scientist in the Neurosciences & Mental Health program at the Hospital for Sick Children, and an Professor in the departments of Psychology, Physiology and the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Toronto in Canada. She is known for her work on mechanisms of memory formation and retrieval. The retreat will also feature two new faculty members, Priya Rajasethupathy and Erich Jarvis, and seven short talks by students and postdocs. We will not be having a poster session this year.

8:30 Bus Departure from The Rockefeller University

9:30–10:00 Check-in and Continental Breakfast - HayBarn

10:00-11:00 Morning Session I - HayLoft

10:00-10:20 Short Talk 1: Laura Duvall
Postdoctoral Associate, Vosshall Lab
"Neuropeptide Y-like Regulation of Host-seeking in Aedes aegypti Mosquitoes"

10:20-10:40 Short Talk 2: Julien Azimzadeh
Biomedical Fellow, Hudspeth Lab
"Shedding Light on Hair Cells: Things Are Heating Up"

10:40-11:00 Short Talk 3: Georgia Rapti
Research Associate, Shaham Lab
"It Takes Two to Tango with Elegance: Glia and Pioneer Neurons Orchestrate Brain Assembly in C. elegans"

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break/Free Time - HayBarn

11:30-12:45 Morning Session II - HayLoft

11:30-12:05 Faculty Talk 1: Priya Rajasethupathy
Jonathan M. Nelson Family Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Neural Dynamics and Cognition
"Circuit Mechanisms of Top-down Memory Processing: Toward Generalization, Abstraction, and Creativity in Memory"

12:05-12:25 Short Talk 4: Sofia Axelrod
Postdoctoral Associate, Young Lab
"Blood-brain Barrier Integrity Is Required for Sleep"

12:25-12:45 Short Talk 5: Julia Sliwa
Research Associate, Freiwald Lab
"A Dedicated Network for Social Interaction Processing in the Primate Brain"

12:45-2:45 Buffet Lunch/Free Time/Guided Farm Tours - Dining Room/Terrace

2:45-4:00 Afternoon Session - HayLoft

2:45-3:05 Short Talk 6: Jonathan Green
Graduate Fellow, Maimon Lab
"How Does a Fly Know Where It Is Heading?"

3:05-3:25 Short Talk 7: Siegfried Weisenburger
Postdoctoral Associate, Vaziri Lab
"Large Volume Functional Imaging in the Mouse Brain"

3:25-4:00 Faculty Talk 2: Erich Jarvis
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Professor, Laboratory of Neurogenetics of Language
"Evolution of Brain Pathways and Genes for Vocal Learning and Spoken Language"

4:00-4:30 Coffee Break/Free Time - HayBarn

4:30-5:30 Plenary Talk: Sheena Josselyn - HayBarn
Senior Scientist, Program in Neurosciences and Mental Health, The Hospital for Sick Children
Professor, Departments of Psychology and Physiology, University of Toronto
"Making, Breaking and Linking Memories"

5:30-6:30 Cocktail Reception/Free Time - Dining Room/Terrace

6:30-8:30 Seated Dinner - HayLoft

9:00 Bus Departure from Blue Hill at Stone Barns

Farm Tours: During lunch there will be 30-minute farm tours guided by Stone Barns docents, and departing from the courtyard. Two guides will conduct the tours starting at 12:50pm, 1:20 pm, and 1:55 pm. Space is limited to 50 guests, 25 people per guide per tour, and the tours will depart as soon as filled. We recommend that those interested go on the tour first and have lunch afterwards. There will be plenty of fresh food for those returning from the tours.

Blue Hill has also generously opened their gift shop just for our group from 1:00 – 2:30pm. The store is located under the Archway you entered through this morning and has many unique items for your shopping pleasures (the jams are delicious!).

The registration system for this event can be accessed here. Please be sure to sign up for a seat on the bus if you require transportation to/from Blue Hill at Stone Barns. The University is paying $300 for each registered attendee at this retreat. If you registered but are unable to attend, please send an email to by Monday, April 15, 2017 to cancel your participation. Cancellations without an explanation, such as medical or family emergency, sent to us after April 15, 2017 will result in a $300 charge to your personal or laboratory account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the organizers.

This event is made possible by generous support from the Shelby White and Leon Levy Center for Mind, Brain and Behavior; the Kavli Neural Systems Institute; President Rick Lifton, and The Rockefeller University.

Kavli NSI

 Leon Levy


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